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Buzzworkers Loudblog Podcast @ Home

This podcast is about electronic music that we produce at www.buzzworkers.com – Electro, Drum n Bass, Acid techno, and a strange mix of all this together..we invite anyone to download our mp3 or use any podcatcher like itunes or so to subscribe to our podcast :)
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Sharif Dean - Do you love me...

Someone know who's this girl ?


STOP The War !

We invite You, casual reader to put anything related to " STOP the War " in your own Blog
web site, Car, Window's House, we must tell it together where we can, because it ain't going to appear in any "respected" News paper or TV. take 5 minute to find an article or photo that is not going to be mainstream an publish it Yourself, please ?

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George Galloway

This is Awesome !


Giving Food

An easy thing to do when you have your own restaurant or snack
or even at home is to give to others the food you can’t sell at the end of the day. i mean our society produce soo much food and a third goes to our real life recycle bin or worst some people trow toxic product on it, to others in need can’t even touch it.

recently i got a new workplace, before i was working in a vegetarian restaurant where we (all the team) started to give food to whoever want. now it’s been more then 2 years that this “operation” is going on, and we have met a lot of new people, students, refugees, imigrants, well a varied crowd, some more in need then others, and it’s been a real good experience.

I know too much restaurant, snack etc.. that trow away so much food, it could help a lot of people.


tourb.us -- Great new way to find concerts

tourb.us is a new web2.0 startup making it easy to find live music

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1 second of chatting...

1 second of chatting..., originally uploaded by SophieMuc.


BuzzWorkers V2

Been on the Air for some years now, Buzzworkers have been in a constant evolution following the web standarts has possible,
has emerging technology like Podcast, RSS, Blogs, and other way of diffusion where coming, we are now in 2006 ubberready with the excelent Joomla! CMS to help us bring the most out the website !

our little crew have been producing independent video, music, short movie, photos, images of all kind for the fun of producing something together, we are starting to live gigs in more en more place in belgium…future sound nice, wish us luck :)




edito6, originally uploaded by buzzworkers.

We are about to move to Joomla CMS !
V2 of Buzzworkers is on the run...
check www.buzzworkers.com



First you need a hosting plan, then by installing loudblog on your server..you have your own RSS/podcast Feed running fast and smothly,(and you OWN your feed) after that you just have to start podcasting..wich is not the end of the world, depending on what kind of show you want to do, basically one can perform an inicial script then from this start improve the whole stuff :)

Maybe Piano, Sax, or a computer ?

This is a goal i do not have time to accomplish..
it’s dificult for me to go to school after Work,
get on time there, and start actually studying what i’v learned at the music school..i think this goal is pretty much on standby for now..