Silence & La roue de la vie

Dans le cadre des Journées du Patrimoine en Wallonie
IStudio / IS asbl vous invite à découvrir

La roue de la vie

Deux installations plastiques avec la participation de

Stéphanie Carlier

Kim Loiseau

Itzal Persaud

Nicolas Steinert

Frédéric Nardin

Sébastien Vanholsbeeck

Amalya Shahbazyan

Melvin Vanbelle

Initiation aux techniques du rotin: Roby Comblain

Composition musicale: Sébastien Vanholsbeeck

13 & 14 septembre 2008 de 11h à 18 h
Moulin de Spontin
Rue des Rivières 7
5530 Spontin

Ce projet collectif est réalisé dans le cadre des ateliers d'arts plastiques de IS asbl et est soutenu par
La Communauté française de Belgique, la Commission communautaire française et la Ville de Bruxelles

IStudio - http://isbyart.org
11 boulevard Barthelemy - 1000 Bruxelles
tél : +32.24261939
fax : +32.24261888



Ok i have made my website QR CODE enabled with the help of a nice Joomla plugin


Taking on the worlds

At the airport : if you zoom the blue circle you can actually See that exxon mobile is playing nice, they are taking on the worlds, just look at the price of food and im not going to talk about fuel for war or war for fuel right?


On vacation

We are almost living to portugal till 6 august, the plane is tomorow at 16h. We are expecting sun,beach,relax,hamac, i hope to find a cyber or internet somewhere so i can check new people on friendfeed that subscribe to me and update our acid techno podcast while on the go. Good stuff is i can now update my loudblog powered podcast setup from my W610i handset. Expect all the tracks produced back in february from our homestudio. In the mean time See you on the beach somewhere.


Closer to war with Iran than anyone knows?

The man who broke the My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories says we're closer to war with Iran than anyone knows.

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new acid track by The Acid Mercenaries


soundcloud.com - Music for People

Just registered at http://soundcloud.com
quite impressed just by filling my profile with information - uploading my first tracks is a nice experience, i only wish i could upload from http link from my own server, that would help me to work on my profile there from any computer in the world :) I'm lazy for local uploads... :)

Well it's impressive, it works fast, smooth, and guess what I'm using my phone has a modem to use the website, since i'm waiting for my new adsl line..

well..time to move, tomorrow it's another day in real life...

Mystic Rave

Mystic Rave



Zinneke Anadipsie en Couleur

Quelques photos zinneke 2008 sur Flickr

Do you feel it ?

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Zinneke 2008 - Anadipsie


Anadispsie * - Les Réfugiés climatiques, Rivières mortes

Des éco-réfugiés et un univers intriguant pour raconter l’histoire du
passage de l’opulence de l’eau à l’assèchement. Le manque d’eau modifie
l’apparence des objets et des vêtements. Le comportement des
personnages intrigue. De véritables exodes de populations ont lieu
partout, les individus se transforment.

La Zinnode Anadipsie propose une progression de l’aggravation de
l’errance des réfugiés climatiques. L’objectif étant d’atteindre les
publics et les participants par une représentation collective à la fois
énigmatique et spectaculaire, mettant en évidence la rarification des
ressources en eau dans les décennies à venir. La Parade sera l’occasion
d’intriguer les esprits, de détourner les lieux communs pour
sensibiliser le public au thème des réfugiés climatiques.

*Anadipsie : soif excessive

Axe de création : « L’eau source de vie »

iStudio asbl - Anadipsie


Roland mc 909 and jeskola buzz

Gyoor909 got a roland mc 909 from ebay, so decided to try to master it by MIDI from jeskola buzz, at the same time we used some of the knobs of the mc 909 to change cutoff, resonance of the audiorealism bassline VST within jeskola buzz, it all whent quite good, but after some time MIDI screwd up completely. Even like that we just had tons of fun playing with both machines. More to come...

Sébastien Tellier - Divine (Eurovision 2008 France)


Physics: Quantum all the way

How does our classical world emerge from the counter intuitive principles of quantum theory? Can we even be sure that the world doesn't 'go quantum' when no one is watching?

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TB-303 Acid Reflux #008

Written, Produced and Recorded at ITM Studios, Chicago, IL by RRKS.

Digital Suicide vs. KWRK Remix

nice shot !


House is Back

House is Back


Smart QRcode for Joomla

I'm looking for a plugin or component for Joomla by decoding QRcode to distribute content like mp3,graphics,text .

Podcast Suite for Joomla already embed a flash or direct link for mp3 into joomla articles, i wish it could also generate a QRcode for each items of the podcast suite generated articles.

The result is that you can listen the mp3 from the embed flash, download it to your pc, and save it to your mobile...to be listened,shared to real world friends and eventually used has ringtones,

Hey.. ever had an Acid techno ringtone ?

ps : sharing Acid Techno Tracks into your mobile ?
well...i just need a P2P mobile java application to share my tracks on the run...


updated my webjam.com profile, webjam is getting great, you can do almost anything with it !


Acid Mixtape

testing B2evolution :)


New tracks are on the way!


our latest track : http://ping.fm/2Ygat


Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth


New track

File Download (17:22 min / 24 MB) ...


The World Today, as seen by Bush

And not only by Bush, shall Obama or Hillary or anyone be the President of the US, this man will still see the world has a violent fucking game !

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