Taking on the worlds

At the airport : if you zoom the blue circle you can actually See that exxon mobile is playing nice, they are taking on the worlds, just look at the price of food and im not going to talk about fuel for war or war for fuel right?


On vacation

We are almost living to portugal till 6 august, the plane is tomorow at 16h. We are expecting sun,beach,relax,hamac, i hope to find a cyber or internet somewhere so i can check new people on friendfeed that subscribe to me and update our acid techno podcast while on the go. Good stuff is i can now update my loudblog powered podcast setup from my W610i handset. Expect all the tracks produced back in february from our homestudio. In the mean time See you on the beach somewhere.


Closer to war with Iran than anyone knows?

The man who broke the My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories says we're closer to war with Iran than anyone knows.

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